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Football is a sport played by many and loved by many more.

Whether that's shouting at the professionals on the TV, getting involved in a kick about outside or playing on fifa into the early hours, it's a sport that brings people together. It's a pity that at DanDan Films we are both ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH at all of the above. 

So when we were asked to create a promotional film for ToroPro Kinesiology Tape with Katie Chapman, captain for Chelsea LFC, we felt somewhat obliged to start practicing some signature moves that would dazzle, impress and stand up to the tough competition. However, after several failed attempts on shoot at simply passing the ball to each other we thought it best to just film Katie instead...some things are better left with the pros!

Here are some sneaky behind the scenes shots captured by Hannah Young of CBZ 

We're really looking forward to putting this one together!