Shooting for our second ToroPro Tape promo we had the honour of working with 6 time Paralympic Gold Medalist, World Champion and all time Paralympic Hero…Dave Weir! Overall, he currently has 33 medals to his name...24 of those being GOLD. That definitely qualifies as 'legend' status. We were privileged to have met him and left inspired by his lifetime achievements.  

The shoot was fairly straight forward. We had some key shots in mind, particularly for the track and the famous portraits we love to film, although the afternoon did present some difficult challenges for us to overcome. Without a cloud in sight and sweltering heat, the A7S light settings were tested as we battled with the sun to get our exposure right. Nothing a bit of ND filter couldn't handle though! Despite the conditions, at DanDan Films we always like to get stuck into the activities we’re filming and this one was no different. So when Dave Weir mentioned his recent achievement - breaking the world record for the fastest mile, completing it in 2 minutes 57 seconds and proving that he was still up there with the best athletes - we couldn't resist trying to capture a taste of what that might look like. So improvising with Dan at the wheel of a Vauxhall Astra, and other Dan in the boot with a tripod and camera, we took Dave Weir to the tracks. I have to say that for an impromptu moving shot idea, it worked really well and we were really happy with the final results! Definitely recommended!

Dave Weir competes again this year in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games and we're confident that he's going to smash it again. 

This was a really exciting shoot!

Behind the scenes photos by Hannah Young of CBZ Photography.