In the run up to the Rio 2016 Olympics at DanDan Films we have been given a few opportunities to involve ourselves in some highly taxing and fiercly competitive situations. It started last year when we took on weightlifting with World Record holder Amanda Gisby. Trying to convince her that four arms were clearly better than two was the ultimate mental challenge. Unfortunately, even with four arms we couldn't lift what she did and, well....she won. Later in the year, we tried showing Chelsea LFC captain Katie Chapman a thing or two about stamina and agility on the football field. Unfortunately, even with the combination of long legs and short snappy sprints....we didn't. So when JBC-Nutrition contacted us about their latest promotional film we decided to make our challenges a little more achievable and went to Bath University to compete with Olympic Swimmer Chris Walker-Hebborn for the title of 'Who can hold their breath for the longest underwater?' 

Filming underwater was an exciting first experience for us. We tested out the Ewe Marine waterproof camera bag to get the shots we wanted and for the most part it worked really well. The only issue for us was...holding our breath! We went quite old school with this as well, no oxygen tanks, no snorkels, not even a hose fed down from the surface! But nonetheless we had a great day filming and working with both Chris and Gareth from JBC Nutrition. We are really looking forward to the next one! 

Rio 2016 is a huge opportunity for Chris Walker-Hebborn to make a mark for Britain in the 100m backstroke. The 1908 London Olympics was the first time the backstroke was entered into the competition and also the last time a backstroke swimmer brought home a medal for Britain. Herbert Haresnape completed it in 1 minute 27 seconds and took home a bronze medal for the country. Over 100 years on, with 27 medals, 14 of them being gold and a personal best of just 52.88 seconds, Chris's sights on a second Olympic medal for Britain, are well within reach! 

Apparently the secret to winning is all to do with holding your breath...which we soon realised, we're not very good at!

Chris competes on Sunday August 7th 2016 in Rio. 

We wish him the best of luck!